Situational Awareness & Preparedness Training

Who Should Enroll

This unique option based training program is ideal for those who are looking to understand the big picture of situational awareness and incident management strategy. This course gives participants the knowledge and strategies that empowers them to keep safe and feel confident during stressful situations like an active shooter.

Program Information

  • Class time: 4-Hour Training

  • Program Fee: Please contact us for details

  • Program Dates: Please contact us for details

  • Location: Please contact us for details

Topics Covered

Personal Safety, Awareness, and Preparedness:

  • Understand the potential threats of an active shooter at your location

  • Learn the stages of situational awareness

  • Develop the ability to conduct a basic assessment at your chosen venue

  • Become familiar with human threat indicators (such as active shooter) and mitigation strategies

  • Apply best practices to make yourself a hard target

Incident Preparedness and Response:

  • Learn about the different types of incidents

  • Learn about the Motives and Warning Signs (Long Term)

  • Learn about the Imminent Threat Indicators (Short Term)

  • Learn about Situational Preparedness

  • Understanding your body’s physiological and perceptual responses and how to manage it

  • How to mitigate risk: Evade, Obstruct, Defend, Inform (EOD-I)

  • Organizational Preparedness (Emergency Action Planning)

  • Case Studies

Practical Application strategies:

  • Scenario Review and Discussion

  • Response strategies

  • Management of incident strategies

  • Identification of defensive items

Here is feedback from our customers.

“This was a great and unique, if not, timely program.”
It [the workshop] was realistic.
After attending the workshop, would like for Fidelis to develop a security plan for our business!
Lots of great practical information that can certainly be utilized by anyone in a crisis situation.
Experiences in active duty related to safety and active shooter is important.
I found the workshop helpful and informative. I think this type of workshop and subsequent training should be incorporated into all types of businesses.