Fidelis Has Provided Peace of Mind and Preparation to Louisiana School Districts

We can’t mitigate every risk, but we can manage uncertainty by staying proactive.
— Luis A. Ramirez

In a span of only twelve months, two school districts in the state of Lousianna have taken major leaps toward becoming environments in which both students and school officials can feel safe and secure. Fidelis NA LLC, a startup company that specializes in risk mitigation, has played a major role in these improvements by providing a sense of security and safety in these times of frightening uncertainty.

It is an unfortunate fact that mass shooting incidents are on the rise in this country. Fidelis can’t provide a solution to this national crisis, but what it can do is educate those who may find themselves in such a situation. “We can’t mitigate every risk, but we can manage uncertainty by staying proactive,” says founder Luis A. Ramirez, a former Marine who started Fidelis in 2017. “Communities are dealing with this uncertainty everyday. I am doing what I can to tackle this problem.”

Fidelis’ successful results are due in no small part to Ramirez’s teaching style, which utilizes the tenants of the Socratic Method, encouraging class participation and open discussion. Jennifer Joseph can attest to this firsthand. As Assistant Superintendent of the Iberia Parish School District, she was impressed by Ramirez’s willingness to make himself available to all of Joseph’s staff. “After training sessions and during breaks, he is available for further questions and comments from his participants,” she says.

Joseph appreciates the fact that although Ramirez likes to keep his teaching style flexible and open for discussion, it doesn’t mean that his ultimate goal isn’t taken seriously. In fact, Ramirez’s devotion to the safety of his clients doesn’t stop once he concludes his presentation and moves on to the next assignment. Joseph has gone so far as to call Ramirez “a part of the team” and “easily accessible.” Whenever a client has questions about how they can make their premises safer, Ramirez is only a phone call away. It’s a testament to the commitment that Fidelis has toward reinforcing safety protocols and saving lives.

But commitment to results and an effective teaching style can only go so far. Without the proper resources, Fidelis’ endeavors can fall short and greatly impact their success rate. But thanks to the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) STOP School Violence Act, a bill that was signed and passed into law by the Trump administration in 2018, Lousianna’s Evangeline Parish School District was able  to secure a portion of the grant to develop an anonymous school threat reporting system, implement school security measures, and train their staff. Ramirez was able to work with Evangeline Parish in his crusade to minimize risks and save lives. Iberia Parish School District was also able to utilize Title IV funding to improve school security. With this expanded budget to school districts, Fidelis can be far more effective in providing services such as comprehensive safety and security vulnerability assessments, professional development training of school personnel and school district executives through crisis simulation, and overall prevention.

With Fidelis, Ramirez’s drive and the government’s funding of school safety and security at their disposal come together to add up to something that’s worth more than the sum of its parts. Human life is invaluable and shouldn’t be taken away by a senseless incident. In turbulent times such as these, it’s comforting to know that Fidelis is available to help spread peace of mind to those who need it most.


Luis A. Ramirez is the founder of Fidelis NA, LLC, a risk mitigation business providing customized occupational health and workplace safety solutions.

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Photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash