Business Networking Event for Veterans by Fidelis

 “Hi, my name is Luis A.

Ramirez and I’m the owner of Fidelis NA, LLC. I’m a US Marine Corp Veteran and a veteran of corporate America. As a Marine, I served in the U.S. Embassies Moscow, Russia and Sarajevo, Bosnia. Following my transition from military service, I worked in the automotive industry for a decade and now I’m a business owner.

One trend I keep stumbling upon is that businesses, whether it’s for profit, non-profit, startups, they are continuously seeking and yearning for leadership, valuable skill sets, tenacity and problem solving skills in candidates. Military Veterans possess these qualities, amongst others.

So on October 22nd Fidelis is happy to host a networking event to bridge the gap between Veterans that are looking to get hired & businesses that are looking to hire Veterans. Thank you.”

Produced by:

Hard Media Group

Frequently Asked Questions:


What industries will be represented at the event?

Pharmaceutical, Aviation, Retail, Finance,  Banking.

Where do I register?

What skill sets/positions are the employers seeking to fill?

  • Digital Marketing
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Risk & Compliance
  • Information Security
  • Project Management
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Customer Service (call center)
  • IT Helpdesk

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