Businesses take lessons beyond training from active shooter workshop

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VILLE PLATTE, La. - In March, Fidelis Global Group held an active shooter training workshop for companies and businesses in Ville Platte.

The group is back in the city tonight to teach the workshop again. 

Evangeline Bank & Trust Co. is one of the businesses who previously attended and has since incorporated those lessons into their lives.

After months of tragic shootings, they say prior knowledge of active shooters is becoming irrelevant.

"It's basically changing pretty much every day," says Security & Administrative Assistant LaChanda Alfred.

"They're evolving for sure. They're getting more and more strategic and it's premeditated, it's pretty meticulous and it's a pretty well thought out plan of what these guys are doing," says CFO Lance Chapman.

Although the bank wasn't able to show me any of the physical changes made after the training due to security reasons, they say the biggest difference is their mindset.

"Everyday situations...going to the grocery store, going to the library, picking your kids up from school," says Chapman.

"Discussed what to look for in parking lots, whenever you're exiting like the mall or Walmart," says Security Officer Beth Jones.

"Out to dinner with your family and friends...always be aware of your entrance and your exit...where to sit...where to place your bag," says Alfred.

They say whether it's a school, a bank, or business, the priority is those who enter.

"They're in here doing business whenever a robber could come in and they're stuck...they're collateral damage," says Jones.

"It's something we try to share with our customers and let them know what to do and what not to do," says Chapman.

The employees say a place without a plan is tempting fate.

"You end up fighting against yourself instead of following what you're supposed to be doing and more lives could be saved that way," says Jones.

"Not to say it won't happen, it's just when it happens that we will be prepared and what to expect in the event that it does take place," says Alfred.

Fidelis Global Group will be back to teach workshops in Ville Platte in the near future.

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