Effective Mitigation Strategies for Personal Safety

Waffle House: In the early morning hours of 22 April 2018, a semi-nude gunman arrived at a Waffle House in South Nashville, TN, killing two people outside, then proceeding into the restaurant and killing two more before being taken down by an unarmed civilian. While this type of hostile act can happen anywhere and to anyone, there are strategies that individuals can apply daily to mitigate the risk to their personal safety in restaurants and other public venues. 

Fidelis Global Group (FGG) Personal Safety and Active Shooter workshop addresses the risks to all of our personal safety and delivers effective mitigation strategies to limit our risk. For example, when entering a restaurant venue, or public venue, your selected seating arrangements and identification of exits can increase your chances of survival. Understanding the location dynamics by applying FGG’s “People, Location, Event, Environment, and Time(c)” (PLEET(c)) methodology could have effectively prepared individuals to save themselves. Furthermore, the FGG workshop discusses threat indicators of a potential hostile actor and effective situational awareness techniques. 

Finally, in the active shooter segment of the workshop, we address how to evade a hostile actor, how to obstruct a hostile actors ability to harm you, and how to effectively defend and take down a shooter. 

These strategies were all highlighted at the recent Waffle House shooting. Applying these strategies could have saved lives. In fact, those strategies that were applied, such as the effective takedown of a shooter, undoubtedly did save lives. 

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