Personal Safety, Awareness and Preparedness

The Personal Safety, Awareness and Preparedness course is an interactive eLearning curriculum created for individuals and organizations who want to feel safe; anytime, anyplace. Whether traveling internationally or remaining domestically these personal security best practices as applied by our security experts around the world will help you understand safety and security at your location and leave you feeling empowered. This course outlines the following: 

  1. Understand the security dynamics at your location

  2. Learn effective situational awareness techniques

  3. Develop the ability to assess a venue and skills that can save your life

  4. Become familiar with threat indicators of a suspicious person

  5. Apply best practices to make yourself a hard target

Travel Preparedness and Safety

Fidelis Global Group Travel Preparedness and Safety course is developed for all international travelers. Whether traveling as a tour group or as an individual, as part of a study abroad program, business enterprise, or non-profit organization, the information presented in this course will give travelers the tools to keep themselves safe. This course is developed by our international security experts and is based on decades of knowledge both traveling internationally and educating employees to remain safe during international travel to both innocuous and volatile environments. 

This course teaches pre-travel preparedness, safety and security best practices at commonly visited business and tourist venues, and return travel preparedness. It discusses common international scams, criminal activity endemic to tourist venues, and how to mitigate both.

Our Travel Preparedness and Safety course is certain to leave you feeling empowered and safe.