Occupational Health & Workplace Safety Professional Development

Fidelis provides customized training and education to organizations, businesses on Occupational Health & Workplace Safety.

Crisis Simulation Exercise

This training program is ideal for organizations who are looking to put their plans in motion or test them. We will work with your team through tabletop exercises on various scenarios specific to your business, school, or organization.

Awareness, Preparedness, and Risk Mitigation

This unique option-based training program is ideal for those who are looking to understand the big picture of situational awareness and incident management strategy. This course gives participants the knowledge and strategies that empowers them to keep safe and feel confident during stressful situations.

Workplace Violence Training

If your mission is to establish a safe and healthy work environment for your employees, clients, and vendors, this course is for you. If you are thinking, “It won’t happen here,” this course is also for your organization. The greatest risk is not conducting prevention and reaction strategies. Training is a strategy that has lasting long-term impact to your business and morale of your employees. Do not put your business or organization at risk by denying the reality that it can happen to you.


FIDELIS’ elearning

The Personal Safety, Awareness and Preparedness course is an interactive eLearning curriculum created for individuals and organizations who want to feel safe; anytime, anyplace.


The self-defense program provides students with the opportunity to navigate how to empower and explore ways to effectively defend against an aggressor. Tailored to any student who seeks to learn, sharpen, or gain new self-defense techniques, this program will serve as a valuable skill-set for those wanting to embrace their respective strengths, build self-confidence, and capabilities. The course is not exclusive to women, although women-focused.