Level 1 Training: Proactive State of Mind 101

This course offers an effective combination of lecture, case studies, and class participation ideal for those who are looking to understand the big picture of situational awareness and incident management strategy. Proactive State of Mind offers an array of significant benefits to put you in control of your safety and security … at your pace.

The Proactive State of Mind course provides participants preemptive safety and security methodologies that aim to get you in control of every aspect of your safety. The course initiates and reinforces behavioral changes that empower you to keep safe and feel confident during stressful situations.

The 101 course is a 3 to 4-hour training session designed to empower leaders and staff members with: offensive safety methods to boost confidence, awareness, and supply participants with strategic forethought to an active shooter incident.

Prevention is a crucial characteristic to the safety of any organization, and it is an integral part of the Proactive State of Mind training.

Program Benefits

  • Drive situational awareness in your organization

  • Develop a culture of safety and security

  • Explore personal safety methods to effectively remain safe and prepared

  • Learn incident preparedness and response techniques 

Topics Covered

  • Workplace violence preparedness

  • Hazards, risks, and incidents

  • Situational awareness and preparedness

  • Human threat indicators

  • Risk mitigation strategies

  • Physical safety and security assessment

  • Warning signs, concerning behaviors and stressors

  • Physiological and perceptual responses

  • Case studies