Level 2: Proactive State of Mind Management

The Level 2 Proactive State of Mind course is a hands-on practical training designed to apply the contents of where Level 1 left off. The strategic options provided in Level 1 are discussed in more detail during our Level 2 course through case studies. The case studies are used to emphasize the concepts and best practices. Participants will also review and discuss the actions they would take in a particular emergency, testing their emergency plan in an informal, low-stress environment. The training includes exercises that aim to inventory and identify mitigation and preparedness needs. The activities will place participants through a hypothetical emergency in which they take active roles in a simulated disaster. There is no hands-on practice or fieldwork. This type of exercise is intended to generate discussion of various issues.

Prevention remains an integral part of the Proactive State of Mind training. 

Program Benefits

  • Rehearse concepts

  • Enhance general awareness

  • Validate plans and procedures

  • Delivered in a low-stress environment

  • Offers participants the opportunity to explore different ideas in the context of a real-world scenario

  • Assess the types of systems needed to guide the prevention of, protection from, mitigation of, response to, and recovery from a defined incident

Topics Covered

  • Engage in challenging and stimulating emergency scenarios through simulation

  • Review and discuss the actions to consider throughout the emergency and post emergency

  • Test the emergency plans in an informal, low-stress environment

  • Exercise and clarify roles and responsibilities 

  • Identify additional business mitigation and preparedness needs

  • Establish action plans for continued improvement of the emergency plan