Workplace Safety and Emergency Plan Development, Oversight, and Consultation

Fidelis will develop a full security and emergency response plan for the organization.

How it works:

step 1

Fidelis will conduct a Workplace Safety Program Review and Vulnerability Assessment (SPRVA) which entails planning, conducting the VA, and reporting the results.

step 2

Based on the results from the SPRVA and accepted recommendations of organizational management, Fidelis will develop the workplace safety and emergency action plan.

step 3

Upon completion of SPRVA, Fidelis will report the results in a manner that is useful to the managers at the facility.

step 4

Fidelis will monitors the plan and collaborate with the organization for any upgrades, revisions, or modifications.

Plan Includes:

This service comes with a 1-year “hybrid advantage” at no extra charge in which you may rely on our security expert for guidance, navigation, and to discuss best practices and strategies.