Fidelis’ Self Defense Course

Course Description:

Fidelis’ Self Defense training focuses on empowering women to feel safe any time, any place. Powered by the Jane Jitsu Women’s Defense movement and Fidelis’ Personal Safety and Awareness strategies, the curriculum of this course will give women a comprehensive approach to remaining safe.  The curriculum teaches defensive measures such as escapes, on the ground defense, and strikes to defend against attacks, abductions, sexual assault, or rape. In addition, the course teaches safety and security best practices to avoid or mitigate the chances of being attacked and teaches indicators of threatening and predatory persons. 

Fidelis Women Self-Defense Training

Note: This is a course that will require physical touch from other participants. A signed waiver will be required before participating.

Note: Women focused course. For info on other self-defense and awareness courses, please reach out to us.


Ages 14 & Up

Minimum Passing Requirements: 

To receive a certificate of completion, Fidelis’ Women’s Self Defense participants must attend and participate in the full course.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the area/venue around you

  • Statistics of Attacks on Women

  • Threat and Predatory Indicators

  • Safety and Security Best Practices

  • Jane Jitsu Tenets:

    • Understand the three basic tenets of Jane Jitsu Women’s Self Defense; the brain, the ground, the barrier.

  • Defensive Measures:

    • Understand the actions necessary to escape from multiple positions of vulnerability, grabs, and chokes.

  • Striking:

    • Understand and execute basic strikes and the bodily locations most effective for striking.

Teaching Methodology:

This course will be taught using a number of teaching methods including lecture with use of presentation/props, interactive discussions, scenario-based learning, and active physical engagement.

Length of Course

Fidelis Women Self-Defense Training

The course length varies, and currently, two options are available:

  • 3 hour - The three hour day course can be conducted at an office space with a carpet, or a gym with mats. All techniques will be learned within the course and applied.


  • 6 week - The six-week course will be one hour per week where students can learn multiple techniques each time but will have the opportunity for continuous review and building of muscle memory.

    • Excellent for continuous team building.

Course Completion: 

Upon successful completion of this course, the participant will be able to apply the techniques learned to everyday life. 

In addition, the Women’s Self Defense Course offers the following:

  • A certificate of completion

  • Access to our instructors for further guidance/assistance

* The course is not exclusive to women, although women-focused.

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