Travel Preparedness and Safety

This training program is ideal for those who are looking to understand the safety best practices when traveling overseas and how to mitigate the potential for risk as a tourist or traveling executive. If you are looking to acquire situational awareness and incident management strategy, this course gives students the knowledge and strategies that empowers them to keep safe and feel confident while traveling abroad.

Program Information

  • Class time: 4-Hour Training

  • Program Fee: Please contact us for details

  • Location: Training can be held at client site

Topics Covered

  • International Trip Preparedness

    • How to effectively prepare for a trip abroad

  • Safety & security strategies

    • Discusses common threats and how to mitigate those threats at commonly visited business and tourist venues.

  • Return trip preparedness

"Did you know...

... some countries can drug test you as soon as you land in the airport? “

...some countries will not allow you to pass through customs if your passport is within six months of expiration?“

...ATM skimming is a popular international scam that results in billions of dollars stolen from victims each year.”

...many taxis at foreign airports will charge foreign visitors three times the amount of what it would cost a local. This is a scam. Avoid scams.” not remove the baggage tags or discard your boarding pass until you are out of the airport. Some countries compare the boarding pass with the luggage tag to make sure luggage is not being stolen.”