Fidelis’ customized risk mitigation solutions aim to improve clients efficiency plus assure safe and healthy working conditions. Our brand is known for fidelity, trust, and integrity.



Fidelis is a privately held veteran-owned business. Our values-driven organization is committed to delivering the best risk management solutions to our clients. We are dedicated to mitigating risk through health, safety, and security solutions. We believe that it is important to instill community responsibility, uphold ethical compliance, and generate a positive impact. Our ultimate goal is to protect human lives and transform work environments through health and safety—in businesses, academic institutions, nonprofits, and more.


Fidelis’ mission is to service our clients with customized safety and security solutions and mitigate risks while ensuring our clients’ assets are protected and their people remain safe. We offer training, education and assist organizations in the form of worksite evaluations, vulnerability assessments, and compliance audits. Fidelis’ Occupational Health & Workplace Safety Services are customized to our client's industry and personalized to each client’s unique needs.


Fidelis was founded with a passion to ensure people work in safe and healthy work environments. Our mission includes providing safety advice and consultation regarding property and business management to ensure safe and healthy work conditions. This passion evolved from experiencing gaps in workplace safety throughout multiple organizations. Discussions evolved to what solutions are available to ensure people remain safe not just at work but in their day-to-day activities as well.  

Fidelis served as an important solution based off the Founder’s diverse and unique background in leadership, risk mitigation, security management, and business management. Our focus is to provide superb customer experience through customized solutions that ensure our clients have the most effective risk mitigation services at their disposal. 

The founder began his risk mitigation career as a Marine serving in Moscow, Russia and Sarajevo, Bosnia-i-Herzegovina, protecting the U.S. Embassy as part of the U.S. State Department's security team. Following his honorable discharge from the U.S. Marine Corps, Luis transitioned into a career working in the private sector for the corporate offices of Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, but workplace safety was still his passion. Unbeknownst to him, obtaining his Executive MBA provided the opportunity envision enhancing workplace safety for organizations and their personnel.

Why the name Fidelis?

After developing the business plan for the start-up venture, a name was needed! Staying true to the military roots and leadership upbringing, Fidelis was born to represent the brand. “Semper Fidelis” is the Marine Corps motto for “Always Faithful." It is also written on the ribbon, clasped by the eagle on the Marine Corps emblem itself.

The scarlet red line under our brand name represents the Marine Corps “blood stripe” worn by officers and non-commissioned officers on their trousers.

Meet Luis.